WORK FOR RADIO ARABELLA'S ONLINE COMPETITION, MARCH 2018     https://www.arabella.at/lifestyle-news/stellen-sie-sich-ihren-aengsten/
  WORK FOR OLAV COOKWARE, SEPTEMBER 2018  | H&M: KATJA PULMANN​​​​​​​  With their first product coming out this year, I shot some pictures for their social media accounts. Frustrated with the cycle of replacing blunt knives and worn-out pans, which millions of Americans do every year, they put their minds together to developing a non-stick frying pan and a knife that you’ll have for life. The same single one. Forever. For everything. Make sure to check them out:  https://myolav.com/
 Some pictures from my behind the scenes shoot for  Munchie Squad  while they were filming their new video  "Superfly" .